For any business to be successful, it has to be perceived properly and trusted by its target audience.
To achieve this, you definitely need a very good website, but that’s just a small part of the story. In fact, achieving Top 10 rankings or generating instant traffic through PPC too don’t make up the whole picture. A holistic approach, aimed towards Creating a perception, or making sure that perception is received by the audience, but in the manner desired ... would sum up a successful Internet Marketing campaign!

Thankfully, we deliver excellence across digital media platforms: from website/mobile design and build through to digital strategy and marketing!

// Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

We implement White-Hat - Panda Proof On Page Optimization & Link Building Services - Directory Submission, Article & Press Release Syndications, Guest Blogging, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Niche Directory Submissions, Local Directory Submissions, Profile Creation, Advanced Social Bookmarking & more - which help to achieve Top 10 rankings for your desired keywords - And we Guarantee you the results!

Paid Search Marketing

From Keyword Research to Ad Text Creation, From Market Analysis to Landing Page Creation to Advance Analytics, we offer hands-on Campaign Creation & Management services. We take special care to closely monitor & constantly adjust the campaigns, to ensure better results & higher ROI! And not just this, we can also help you to utilize the concept of Remarketing & help you build better customer relationships.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is not just about "We are on Facebook & Twitter too!". It's about Connecting with the people and more importantly, Engaging them. We offer services that look beyond the accepted notion of Social Media Marketing. We help you to engage with your audience through interesting content, graphics, infograhics, chat sessions & multimedia. We help you to gamify your business, built presence on many other social media platforms & be always around for those who want to talk to you!

Conversion Optimization

It takes them less than 3 seconds to close the window. So 3 seconds is all you have to grab their attention, convince them to stay on & ultimately, convert into paying customers. This requires smartly designed content, expertly crafted graphics, meticulously thought out value proposition & tremendous clarity in your call to action. We can do it all for you!

Affiliate Marketing

Extend your reach to a whole new range of new potential customers with the help of Affiliate Marketing. Our experienced and proactive affiliate marketing team can help you make use of a third-party sales force to extend your reach - and, ultimately, increase sales! If managed well, an affiliate marketing campaign can boost the exposure for your brand mutli-fold. Hence, trust our experienced & reliable managers to deliver the goods for you.

Website / Competitor Audits & Marketing Research

Information & Intelligence is an absolute must for any marketing initiative. Knowing who your customers are, their tastes & preferences, Knowing who your competitors are, their strategies - strength & weaknesses - knowing your strength & weaknesses - will make the difference. Trust the experts to be blunt & honest. We will get it all for you!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is, without doubt a great customer relationship management tool. Done properly, it ensures that your customers or prospects are kept fully informed of your products, services or news - They stay connected. With our very own marketing solution, you don’t just get great looking & smartly designed mailer sent to their inboxes, but you also get high click-throughs & deep insights. Thus, helping you to boost your customer relations & maximizing your ROI!

Graphic Designing

“Graphic Design is Thinking Made Visual” (Saul Bass). We are NOT a 'pretty pictures' agency. We only understand the commercial goals of a business & relentlessly work towards maximising the impact of communications across channels - Web, Print, Mobile Apps, Web Apps etc etc - And across mediums - Online Graphics, Infographics, Social Media, Brochures, Corporate Identity etc etc.

We are thrilled you are here. If you are ready to take the next steps, start exploring our solutions or request consultation now We can’t wait to show you what we’re all about!